Fun cocktail recipe ideas you can try for Halloween

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One of the best parties is happening for Halloween. The mix of pleasure, creepiness, and decorations make every nightclub or a bar the center of fun and real time.

If you don’t want to spend a regular night at home, watching the same old horror movies again, here are some great ideas to spice up this year’s Halloween. Check out these fun cocktail recipe ideas to try out.

Hocus Pocus Cocktail

If you thought that we’re going to talk only about blood, you’re wrong. To start off, here’s a simple yet effective cocktail with a cute and funny name. Hocus Pocus can contain alcohol, but doesn’t have to – you can make it like a soft cocktail. Don’t forget the creative part of the recipe – food colors to add that earthy note.

Mulled Wine

Let’s face it – red wine is a must for a Halloween themed party. In case you’re bored with the same flavor, you tasted for months, mulled wine is a perfect way to explore some new taste. It’s a natural red wine with the addition of fennel seeds and cinnamon, which adds a flair of sharpness to the cocktail.

Bloody Sangria

Another wine based cocktail is meant for all those who enjoy the fruity flavor in their drink. Add blackberries, black currant, or other dark fruit to get the dark-colored drink. The dark sangria version reminds of Gothic so it will fit nicely with the similar outfit.

Vampire Kiss Martini

Another classic stirred up with a vampire kiss. Take a champagne cocktail to which you’ll add a set of gummy vampire teeth or order one in a nightclub. The teeth can be placed on the side of the glass or dipped into the drink. In either case, they’ll make you drink it all up – and want some more.


Margaritas are calling for the high summertime experiences and funny moments, but when you add a slurry green decoration to the top, you get something freaky. Ideal for Halloween lovers who would like to explore the creepy to its core.

Another way you can do your Halloween margarita cocktail recipe is to mix tequila and red wine. The contrast of colors will look amazing, and you’ll add another great experience to the table.

Blood Orange Cocktail

The essential feature you need for this cocktail is – a syringe. Fill it with a homemade raspberry syrup that you’ll pour into an orange cocktail.

Poison Apple

Who doesn’t like apple juice? No Halloween party can go without poison, and an apple juice is a perfect way to do it. With the right amount for sweet and sour, this cocktail will please even the pickiest people in the room.

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