4 Exciting Club Event Ideas to Engage Your Members

All members of your club look up to seeing a lot of activities happening every year at this establishment that they frequently visit. What would be the best way to retain all these patrons? Regardless of the category of your club, you will need to organize events a few times every year to avoid your members from signing out only to sign up to a different club. You might be a part of sports, recreation, or social club, all of which, have their own set of activities that make the place all lively and worth visiting.

You need to think out of the box for something exciting to not look like the usual events. But that would surely be a time-consuming task. You can always organize a simple gathering for the members with some fun activities, drink, and a buffet, but it would always be better to present different ideas so that the members do not go to some routine plan at your club. So, let us have a look at some interesting themes that you can adopt when planning an event.

1. Augmented Reality

If your club is the right place for a show of augmented and virtual reality, don’t abstain from conducting it because this is one of the best plans you can implement. Bring in some technology to the events, and you are sure to attract more customers in the process. Provide the club members with AR and VR headsets and push them into their wildest imaginations in that small screen of wonders. It can be that scuba diving simulator or a round of their favorite multiplayer games, anything that can grab their attention. VR events work best in the tech clubs where all the geeks come together; you can introduce new concepts within the AR and VR to let the members try out the latest technologies.

2. The Art Night

Art Night at your club would be the best idea to pick in order to get your customers all engaged. Use the conventional methods of creating art with a tinge of neon and fluoro paints and other materials to make the event more colorful. Make sure to invite a local artist who can help the attendees with their works. Side all the artistic enjoyment with food and wine to make the event a whole lot more fun.

Costume Party

3. Costume Party

Conduct a cosplay at the next event at your club, which most of the members would enjoy a lot. Set a theme for the party and award the participants with prizes for the best and most creative costume. It isn’t just about coming dressed as a character to fill the room with vigor and vibrancy, but also is an excellent way to start conversations about the fictional universe they come from.

4. Night of Tunes

Invite local bands and other singers to make the night filled with groovy and soothing beats. There wouldn’t be any other event that would bring in more people than a musical night. Ask the attendees to bring instruments or go solo on the stage if they are interested. Make a list of the events and post it online, so more people come to know about the event and come rushing to the club.

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