About Us

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Welcome to LOVE, DC’s Premiere Nighttime Experience. Comprised of 4 giant floors, four decks, VIP rooms, and a spectacular Penthouse Suite, LOVE is the perfect venue for a variety of events and will keep you interested and entertained.

With lofty space and excellent sound, the DJ reigns over the 35-foot ceilings and an extraordinary light show. LOVE offers something that DC doesn’t have, flexibility, elegance, and function. LOVE is for everyone; please join us.

We also offer Valet Service and Coat Checks for your convenience. Everything we do is assembled to give YOU the experience of a lifetime.

Finding the right venue for a night out can be daunting, especially if you’re not met it before. We know how important it is to feel the place, to be comfortable to spend a couple of hours inside. At LOVE, we dedicated each minute of our time to create a place that you’re going to embrace because of the things it can offer you.